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Allium Giganteum

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Name: Allium Giganteum

Color: Lila, violet, purple

Height: 100 -150 cm

Flowering time: end April -May till August

Planting time: Septembre till half Novembre

You can order them already, we will sent you the bulbs early Septembre 2017.

Perhaps the tallest of ornamental onions. Allium giganteum is a bold and striking addition to the garden with its star-shaped, tiny lilac-purple flowers forming a giganteum 5- 6 inch ( 12-15 cm) globe shape cluster. Blooming in late spring and early summer and enjoys long-lasting blooms and remain ornamental in the garden well into summer end. A perfect background plant that you might want to combine with finer textured plants such as daffodils. Allium giganteum can also be perfect dried and is very nice in dried flower arrangements! attracts butterflies. 

To be planted in fall, naturalizes easely and will come back every year!.  Bulbs will sent you early Septembre.