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Plant instructions

Plant instructions

When planting bulbs, the following points are important:

  1. Unpack the bulbs straight away on arrival and check the quality.
    Keep the bulbs in a cool (no warmer than 17°C), dry and dark place and ensure adequate ventilation until the time of planting.
  1. Plant the bulbs at the right time. 

Spring-flowering bulbs: Tulips, daffodils ,Alliums,Camassias,Fritillarias, Hyacinths and Crocuses .
Need a cold period to be able to flower: they can be planted from September to December (depending on temperature). 

Summer-flowering bulbs: Dahlias, anemones , calla , gladioli and begonias.
Are usually planted in April or May (after the last night frost). The ideal soil temperature for summer-flowering plants is approx. 13 degrees.

How to plant flower bulbs?

  1. Plant the bulbs in loose soil.
    Do not plant bulbs intoo solid soil. Before planting loosen the soil deep enough so that the roots can grow easily after planting in the soil.
  2. Plant the bulbs sufficiently deep whereby at least 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb must be maintained.
     In countries with severe frost in the winter, it is certainly wise to plant deep enough and possibly applying a winter cover with insulating material.
  3. After planting the bulbs press the loose soil slightly.
    Too loose soil acts like a sponge so if there is much rain the bulbs will be in waterlogged soil.
  1. Give the bulbs after planting water so the bulbs grow well.

 Do not plant bulbs in waterlogged soil because the bulbs and roots could then suffocate from lack of oxygen.


  • Fertilizationis not absolutely necessary, but when planting in new places, it is recommended to apply a basic fertilizer to the soil a few weeks before planting. This provides sufficient nutrition in the soil and also a good structure.
  • Do not always plant bulbsin the same place, but change this occasionally so that diseases have no chance. In borders where tulip bulbs are planted year after year, soil fungi can damage the bulbs and provide a lot of loss.
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