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Daffodil "February Gold"

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Name: Cyclamineus Narcissus "February Gold" 

Color : Yellow with slightly reflexed petals

Height: 25 cm

Planting time: Mid Septembre till mid Novembre. The bulbs will delivered early Septembre.

Flowering time: February -March

Bulbsize: 14 -16 cm

Multiple Award Winner Narcissus "February Gold" (1923) is an early to mid spring bloomer that is small but sturdy with beautiful, long-lasting golden yellow flowers featuring a long trompet and slightly refelxed petals. Perfect for borders or naturalizing. Great to interplant in small groups within perennial combinations.

An old variety that has stood the test of time and is still deservedly popular. Brilliant for adding early colour (although February may be a little bit of a push unless we have a very mild winter!), these small, cheery flowers should be planted in big clumps for maximum impact. They also do really well in pots and windowboxes. 25 cm tall.

Delivering time:  early Septembre . Planting time: Septembre till Novembre.